Sunday, January 18, 2004

Ron Jeremy and the Surreal Life: "Just when you thought reality TV couldn't get any stranger, along comes porn legend Ron Jeremy.

Jeremy is starring in the WB's second edition of the celebrity reality series The Surreal Life (9 tonight, KTLA) and loving every minute of it. Joining him are Vanilla Ice, Traci Bingham, Trishelle Canatella, Erik Estrada and Tammy Faye Messner."

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Digital Sin Signs 50 Cent for Porn DVD: "Digital Sin will host superstar rapper 50 Cent at its booth this Saturday at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, where it will officially announce he has signed an exclusive deal to create an interactive sex DVD bearing his name."
Universal Music, Porn Company Mull Deal

Universal Music Group, the world's largest record label, is teaming up with satellite broadcaster DirecTV and a prominent pornography video company to launch a music channel featuring uncensored videos.

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Chloe dropped for Blowjob: "Blowjobville- For cryin' out tits it was only a blowjob! Nevertheless, according to the N.Y. Post, CHLOE Sevigny has been dropped by the William Morris agency because of her oral sex scene in 'Brown Bunny.'

Pals of Sevigny said the Oscar-nominated actress was already seen as 'incredibly difficult' by the straight-laced firm, but her sex scene in the widely panned 'Brown Bunny' was the last straw, reports The Post '[The scene] was one step above pornography - and not a very big one,' one William Morris insider sniffed. Sevigny's agency reps were especially angry because she took the racy role without consulting them and then ignored their advice to drop out. 'William Morris now feels that her career is tainted and may never recover, especially after rumors began circulating about the even more graphic outtakes that didn't make it into the actual film.' A rep for William Morris confirmed Sevigny is no longer in its stable; she's now repped by Endeavor."

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Hey, freak! Can I have your autograph?: "Hardcore superstar Jenna Jameson put up a Times Square billboard advertising her look-at-our-Brazilian-waxes website and telling Entertainment Weekly how her five-year plan is going to play out. TMN is showing everything but the money shot. People are lining up to audition for 'reality' porn shows."

Friday, December 26, 2003

Paris Hilton at Christmas: "December 25, 2003 -- Paris Hilton has ditched the porn and the parties and put on some clothes - at least for the moment - to pose for the annual Hilton family Christmas card.

Looking the picture of innocence, Paris is seen standing with her dad Rick and sister Nicky, as her mom Kathy, and brothers Barron and Conrad, kneel below.

The Hiltons, in front of their festively decorated fireplace, wear matching red sweaters, with the womens' tops featuring large white snowflakes.

Please look carefully, it may be the last time you see Paris - who's holding her beloved pet Chihuahua Tinkerbell - this covered up.

It's been quite a year for the sexy hotel heiress, who's now starring in the red-hot Fox reality show 'The Simple Life.'

She's modeled on the world's top runways, had a bit part in 'The Cat in the Hat' and, oh yes, starred in a raunchy porn tape with former lover Rick Solomon which was leaked on the Internet.

Whether Paris has been naughty or nice is strictly up to Santa, but we're willing to bet she won't be getting coal in her stocking."

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Pastor's 'Camera Crusade' Targets Porn Patrons: "KENNEDALE, Texas -- Customers of sexually oriented businesses near Interstate 20 and Mansfield Highway might find a surprise in their mailboxes after their next trip to one of the triple-X stores. A Kennedale pastor recently started a 'camera crusade,' photographing license plates in the stores' parking lots and mailing postcards acknowledging visits to the customers' homes."

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Paris Hilton Video: Paris writes in her blog: "Nicky is so sad. She can't be here but since she isn't here now, I just wanted to say.. that SHE was the real person in that icky tape. Don't tell her. It wasn't me."
The Spoof - Sixth Harry Potter book to be X-rated: "Warner Bros. are said to already be interviewing Jenna Jameson, the leading adult movie star in Britain, to take over the part of Hemione Granger for the sixth film. All you adults can look forward to reading that then. As for the Children, you have seen the last you will see of the three friends (soon to be threesome!) until you are 18."
FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Hot on the heels of the reality TV craze, SEXMoney.com has announced their own reality show themed project, JoePornStar.com.

JoePornStar.com gives future members a chance to follow the progress of a real "average Joe" as he makes the transition from regular guy to real-life porn star. SEXMoney.com is searching for an average guy who wants to make his porn star fantasies come true. Anyone can enter for a chance at becoming the next Joe Porn Star - an opportunity that pays the winner $250 per scene to have sex with 25 women on camera.

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